6th live beer review with guest appearance. 14/01/2017

I’ve started moving from written beer blogging,  to live beer blogging on Facebook live broadcasting. It’s a bit adventurous,  and if you are offended by swearing,  it’s really not for you

I’m joined by one of my bezzies,  Gavin Williams,  who is a top top chef. He can pull flavours out that I simply can’t. 



5th Live Beer review Broadcast 18th November 2016 – Vagabond, Harbour IPA, Sierra Navada IPA,Lupuliod, Double Axe

5th Live Beer review Broadcast 18th November 2016 – Vagabond, Harbour IPA, Sierra Navada IPA,Lupuliod, Double Axe

Not for the fait hearted, my 5th Live Beer Review on Facebook, from 18th November 2016. There is swearing so please do not watch if easily offended




Alesmith old numbskull barley wine 11%

Alesmith old numbskull barley wine 11% in a big 750ml bottle

My name is Leigh Rathbone. My beer blogs are live, there is no preparation, there is no reading of other sites in preparation, I very rarely read any of the labels, I just blog what I see, smell, tastes. The whole thing is done and published in about 15 minutes. These are my views, it’s my taste buds getting the hit, your interpretation of the beer will be different

Purchased this from one of my favourite bars. I put this bar in the same bracket as @TwentyThreeClub and @portstreetbeer. It’s a great, well ran bar in Southport called @TapandBottles with great owners @jaburgess75. I cycle there every now and again usually with a backpack so I can bring beer back with me. Always has great ale on, and a fantastic selection of bottles.

Bumped into @MarshallStaxx who is head brewer at @MadHatBrew while trying to decide what beers to buy. Really nice bloke. Great listening to his stories of working at @MadHatBrew and how much he enjoys his job.

Know nothing about this ale, but I love a good barley wine. First one I had was @conistonbrewco number 9 which was lovely, but have to confess, I love a USA barley wine. Actually, @durhambrewery do a great barley wine as well, get on it

So, why this beer tonight? My wife is away in Edinburgh, kids in bed, nothing on TV, nursing a bit of a hangover from last night’s escapades at @brewdog Manchester and @portstreetbeer with Ian Ditchfield, ended up on the wrong train, just a good night all round, so the question is…. Why the hell not have this beer

Get on with it I hear you cry…. OK ok ok


Big dark menacing bottle, looks aggressive and scary, the name…. Old numbskull…. Sounds scary doesn’t it….. Not as scary as two 43yr old walking pissed through madchester last night




Pours a beautiful dark amber, really rich in colour, striking in fact, fuck this looks wonderful. The head is a cream, frothy, lasts as well.  Before I get onto smell, I can tell you, just pouring it, it smells of booze, booze, booze…. Get in there


It’s smells….. Of BOOZE, rich, oh my god, it’s so rich. It smells of that cake that has dried fruit in. Smells of caramel, toffee, smells a bit like tobacco… Is that right, I bloody hate tobacco but this smells fantastic.

I am bloody excited, it Pours great, smells great, this better not taste crap.

Hell yeah baby…. Boooooom boooooom boooooom. Back of the net. Get in there. Alesmith I love you. This is what I’m talking about. Oh where to start.

It’s boozey, it’s strong, it’s sweet, it’s rich. Remember that cake I mentioned, yes there’s dark fruits. Toffee, caramel, sweet bitter aftertaste. A bit of a leather taste dare I say

There’s an orange pith taste in there that you get with some barley wines, almost like the Liquor cointreau.

Boy oh boy is this balanced, and I’m only on my third mouthful, this is a bloody 750ml bottle…shit….how do I drink all that.

Official villabone beer review and score

Well, what do you think. @MarshallStaxx said this is a beer to share with 3-4 people and he is spot on. Great ale should be shared, and the size of the bottle means I’m going to be ratted by the time I finish this.

This really is a special beer. Can’t wait to go on ratebeer after and see what score it gets. For me, a HUGE 5/5. It has everything, it’s everything I’d expect from a barley wine. It’s a wonderfully balanced ale, it takes you on a journey, first mouthful is sweet, caramel, malty, then the orange pith kicks in, and a lovely bitterness.

I’m going to struggle with the 750ml but… If I die tonight, I’ll die trying  🙂